Jan Sandman

Photo by Henry Romaine

For my entire life, creativity in all its forms has been a bright torch guiding me and leading me in all of my work, in all ways. I live with it. I feel it is so connected to life force itself and so, at its best, to the highest expression of spirit and holiness. I studied photography at the Art Institute of Boston and have studied with various masters in other forms: watercolor, clay sculpture, pastel, and cold wax to name a few mediums.

When I discovered cold wax work, I felt as though I had come home. Here was a medium that had the freedom of expression and texture and layering and luminosity that spoke to me so deeply. In addition, I found the medium to be enormously physically satisfying.

I teach and practice Authentic Movement, facilitate Family Constellations, practice Trager Bodywork, and help people to deeply connect with their essence. I find that painting takes me in this direction of essence also. Deeper and deeper into what is most true.

I offer many of these pieces for sale. Please do inquire if you are interested.

Please feel welcome to visit my other site to see the fuller offering of my work